Coming Together Through City Life!

Right Now:

A boy is sitting in the juvenile detention center. His dad is in jail and his mom is an alcoholic and uses drugs. This is by far the most common family situation for kids who get sent to jail, a toxic combination of absent and incapable parents. But where do these kids come from? Where are they before they are sent to lock-up? If you look behind the store-fronts, shops and restaurants of our city streets you will see dark neighborhoods of run-down houses, apartments and hotels. These are the places kids are left to raise themselves, live on the streets, commit crime, develop addictions, have children at ridiculously young ages and repeat the horrific scenario.

What if we could go and reach these kids while they’re young, before they get locked into all these deadly behaviors? This is the goal of City Life, a new ministry focus of Rogue Valley Youth for Christ. Specifically we are partnering with Hearts With A Mission the local homeless teen shelter to build a new City Life Community Center right next to the shelter so we can “Come Together” to reach more lost and hurting kids... one at a time!


Hearts With A Mission and Rogue Valley Youth for Christ have been evolving for months and the vision is now coming together in the form of City Life.

     • City Life is a relational community based ministry that desires to see deep change in an inner-city neighborhood through the raising of local leaders from the young people in that community.
     • City Life is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of inner-city youth, their families and the communities they live in.
     • City Life is a foundation for guiding young people according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, helping them to develop the mental, physical, social, and spiritual components of their lives.
     • The City Life Community Center will be located on Edwards Street, right next door to the Hearts With A Mission youth shelter.

City Life Community Center Includes:

     • A safe place for HWAM and inner-city kids to receive life skill training, educational support, and a fun place to recreate.
     • Ongoing resources for Jackson County and the Liberty Park neighborhood.
     • Counseling, tutoring & mentoring opportunities.
     • Authentic healthy relationships for hurting kids & their families.

The building will consist of a large recreation area, segregated area for kids currently staying at the youth shelter, counseling offices, computer lab, snack bar, large & small conference rooms, tutoring and gaming center, as well as administrative space for both Rogue Valley Youth for Christ and Hearts With A Mission.

Ready to volunteer? Give us your info and we’ll be in touch.