2018 Top 10 Emerging Leaders

The Top 10 Emerging Leader Challenge: Get Inspired. Take Action honors 10 individuals, younger than 40, who are leaving an imprint on our community through their professional and philanthropic efforts, while generating support for a worthy cause. "Emerging Leader Challenge” is an innovative campaign that promotes youth mentoring initiatives, while raising financial support for Rogue Valley YFC, an organization dedicated to bringing hope to the lost and hurt kids dealing with abandonedment and relational poverty.

Potential leaders are nominated by members of the community each was individually interviewed to determine their level of interest and commitment. 10 finalists will be selected to participate in the 30 day fundraising challenge. The Challenge ends with a fabulous and quick celebration gala where the Top 10 Emerging Leaders and Student Leaders share their fundraising challenge experiences with awards and recognitions.

Selection Criteria: The primary criteria used to select the finalists include evidence of a strong interest and commitment to making our community a better (and safer) place to live; a current job that includes some level of leadership responsibilities; indications that the applicant will be an enthusiastic learner and contributor within the peer group; evidence of a strong work ethic; professional maturity; and high personal standards for performance. The type, visibility, and size of one’s place of employment is not of major importance. Also, to the extent possible, we aim to select a cohort that includes diversity among a number of dimensions (e.g., gender, background, race, ethnicity, industry, job function). Finalists will be interviewed by phone or in person.

TRICIA HIBNER, Nominations Coordinator cell 541.890.8800 email tricia-@charter.net

SHARRE WHITSON, Development Director cell 530.227.2274 email sharre@roguevalleyyfc.org

EMERGING LEADERS, mailing 529 Edwards St., Medford OR 97501 web: EmergingLeadersGive.com

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