‘wild’ HOPE: God meets each child where they are…

Posted on by Martin Corder

Last week I took a group of High Schoolers swimming at the Smith River. It was 7 kids and a youth leader out on an adventure.

I’ve been busy lately planning trips, coordinating leaders and prepping this or that… spending 8 hours with these kids ended up being very special. One of the students is a quiet 15-year-old girl. As we sat in the water, we watched as our swimming hole turned into rapids and she shared about her family. She opened up about her cousin, another Campus Life kid, who was going through a tough time at home and had spent the last few weeks living on her couch. “I would have given her my bed but I share it with my grandma already. We have nine people that live in our house; everyone shares a bed with someone.” This girl’s family is ‘wild,’ like the river we were wading in. But it doesn’t mean that her heart is not calm, generous or kind.

It’s a beautiful reminder that though kids come from families that struggle, there is still hope. God meets each child where they are, and sometimes all they need is someone to wade through the ‘wild’ with them. Someone to tell them there is hope. Thank you for being on the journey with these kids, for listening to their stories and making a difference in their lives.

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