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Posted on by Martin Corder

We exist as an organization “to share God’s story with young people through authentic relationships in any relevant way.”

That’s our mission! We see it as the very best way to meet the incredibly complex and heartbreaking struggles kids face in our community. We are constantly reminded: the message of a loving God who brings forgiveness and healing, in the context of a loving relationship, brought by an adult who’s willing to walk through all the dirt and mess that’s part of a hurting young person’s life, is incredibly powerful. That message… along with love ‘lived out’, brings true hope. Each summer at camp we see kids find this hope through faith in Jesus and even though they go back into very tough places, they are different. They experience healing in the midst of hurt and realize the significance of their lives through belonging to a family; God’s family! We see ‘new life’ where kid’s lives change from the inside out.

Because we see these changes we know what works. We know it’s hope found in Jesus. So even in a world of constant change, we will stay on course. God’s Story, to young people, in caring relationships, in ways that connect. This is what you accomplish. Thank you!!!

Executive Director
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