“The standard family is not what it used to be!”

Posted on by Martin Corder

How true is this statement? “The standard family is not what it used to be!" It's definitely true with the kids I see at Campus Life in Grants Pass...

Finding a kid that has both their biological mom and dad living in the same house and married seems to be a rarity these days. I hear plenty of “My dad’s in jail!” or “I live with my mom sometimes, and my dad other times.” I also have a student with two moms. I see kids whose parents are drug addicts, kids who have run away, and kids who are being raised by grandparents. I have foster kids who have been bounced from house to house their whole lives and kids who have been abused by those closest to them. Despite the challenging backgrounds these kids come from, they find refuge here at Campus Life. They hear the good news of Jesus dying for their sins and receive love unconditionally from people who care. Campus Life provides hope to the hopeless. This all happens, not through me, but through you.

Youth for Christ is powered by an army of volunteers and supporters. If you are part of this huge family of volunteers, prayer warriors, and financial supporters… “Thank you!” If you aren’t a part of the YFC family, would you please consider how you can get more involved with Rogue Valley Youth for Christ, especially in the lives of young people who desperately need to be part of God’s family.

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