“That was cool!”

Posted on by Martin Corder

One evening at club, after the talk time, I forgot to pray before we ate. Not sure why… but I forgot.

One of the teens caught it and said, “Hey Larry, you didn’t pray for dinner!” “Oh yeah... could you pray for us?” Jack is a bit of a tough guy and immediately came back with, “Whoa, I don’t know how to pray!” He has heard me pray several times, so I said, “Just go for it." With a frightened look he closed his eyes, folded his hands, then said, “Hey, uh, God, um, we’re having a good time and, uh, thanks for the dogs. Amen.” Then he took off, jumping over the couch to be first in line. I just sat there for a moment and thought to myself: “That was cool!"

His prayer may seem simple… But, to a young man like Jack, learning to connect with God for the first time is no simple prayer. Please pray (even a simple prayer) that Jack will continue to reach up and connect with his heavenly father. Your prayers for these kids are priceless. Thank you!

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