Sword Drill, ‘Praise’ and Rice Krispies Treats

Posted on by Martin Corder

We have a lot of boys who come to City Life every week and a few keep inviting friends. . . 

One young man kept bugging his buddy until he finally came. When the new kid, Russ, showed up he had a great time. This week we played a game called sword drill. We pass out Bibles and ask the kids to race to find a certain book or passage. The first person to find it and read wins (usually something sugary like Rice Krispies Treats). Wow, can they be competitive! Russ was sitting to my left when I handed him a Bible. Then he said, “I’ve never held a Bible before… I've never read a single word out of this book.” A moment later I heard him say the word “Praise.” Looking at me, Russ pointed into the Bible and said, “The first word I ever read out of a Bible is ‘Praise’.” I took a moment and praised God in my heart for this simple act.

We have a lot to praise God for. Thank you for praying, encouraging and supporting what happens here at City Life. Join me in praising God these young people have a safe place… a place where the message of hope in Jesus is real and relational.

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