Safe to Share

Posted on by Martin Corder

One young man regularly shows up an hour before our club meetings. He comes after school riding a bike way too small with no brakes.

What’s interesting about this young man is that he never speaks! When asked how his day is, he just stares at me, with questions in his eyes he quickly walks away. He plays the games, eats with us and listens during the talks, but never, ever speaks. I had an idea to pass out cards and ask the gang to write their story in 6 words. I went around the room asking each kid to read their card. He was reluctant but then he spoke...”My [passing gas] in bed really stinks!” All at once there was a burst of laughter from the entire group. It was safe laughter. Obviously, this was not what I was looking for but… him knowing he was safe opened the door a little for him to begin to share his life.

At City Life, we talk about everything, even though I do my best to avoid the topic on his card. Patience in silence has led to now a never-ending stream of words which leads to sharing the hope Christ offers. Thank you for partnering with us! Don’t be a silent partner, call, text or email whenever you like at 541-890-1819 or Hope to hear from you soon.

City Life Director
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