overwhelmed with joy

Posted on by Martin Corder

We met six months ago when his foster mom first called to find him a mentor. About a month ago I checked in to see how Max was doing. We were still looking for a mentor. Max was understandably depressed… so I scheduled a routine update. We found out Max had gotten into some trouble and he didn’t even seem to care. We prayed. The search continued… I’m happy to announce: we found a mentor for Max! So I immediately called him to share the great news. He responded with an overwhelming joy as he spoke of all the exciting things he wanted to see and do. He didn’t want to waste any time meeting his new mentor. Today Max is thankful. And we know his life is forever changed.

Clem O'Hara     HATS Mentoring Director     541.779.3275     clem@roguevalleyyfc.org
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