Nothing major. Thanks to the Man above…

Posted on by Martin Corder

Last Tuesday night I got a call from Ellie.

She had been ill for quite a while and decided to visit her doctor. The receptionist told her they would let her know the results in a couple of weeks. Two days later she got that call. They needed her back right away… Ellie was scared! Instead of worrying by herself she took a different step. She chose to make a phone call to me. After telling her story, she paused then asked, “Do you think you could pray... or... something?” I was surprised, happy, and honored to do so. We finished the call with two promises; she would let me know her test results and I would keep praying. Thursday afternoon I received her text… [Nothing major. Thanks to the Man above and all the prayers.]

It is such a joy to watch young moms open their hearts and lives to healthy relationships with YFC mentors but most of all to "the Man above." You make these connections possible through the giving of your time, prayers, and resources. For more information about Parent Life, contact me:

Parent Life Director
office: 541.779.3275


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