“No… I’m Sorry.”

Posted on by Martin Corder

"No... I'm Sorry." Have you ever had to say these words to someone you know who's hurting and asking for help? Clem O'Hara, our HATS Mentoring Director, faces this on a weekly basis. She has a list of 22 kids waiting for mentors. Boys and girls who have taken a risk and opened their hearts enough to ask for help. Kids like the 12-year-old boy who’s bounced around to different foster homes. He's been waiting since June and sounding more and more depressed as time goes by. A girl with a workaholic mom who was going to spend last summer with her dad but he died several days before she arrived. Or the boy, whose mom is an addict, he's been abused by her boyfriends and is currently living with an uncle. Each kid is hoping someone will finally care... Secretly they’re sure no one does. Will you consider stepping into the life of a child? If you get connected, stay committed and love them authentically, you can change their world. Don’t believe you can’t.
Bud Amundsen     Executive Director     541.779.3275     bud@roguevalleyyfc.org
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