Posted on by Martin Corder

“Sara was hoping you could talk with her.” This is not an uncommon request from our detention staff.

I last saw Sara a few months ago when I introduced her to her mentor. Just released on probation, we were all hopeful… but sadly, it only took a moment for everything to go very wrong. The first sign of trouble was the challenge of getting her on the phone, then the Facebook posts I saw with a new boyfriend, and then... nothing. Now she was back in detention looking gaunt & miserable. Talking with me was reaching out for hope. As we talked I learned the boyfriend introduced her to Meth. Now he’s gone and her life’s a wreck. Sara aches for hope. “I need help!” she said. The pain of addiction was etched on her face. With compassion, I was very direct; “I’ve seen this before… there is hope… it's in total surrender to the Lord.”

Please pray for Sara as she struggles with surrendering. We know God alone can save her from this nightmare.  Thank you for fighting for the lives of kids in our community.

Juvenile Justice & Point Break Ministry Coordinator
office: 541.779.3275


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