Mary had been praying for me… a lot!

Posted on by Martin Corder

I was recently at a memorial for Mary Brooks, a YFC mentor and a wonderful friend of mine.

I got to hear stories from family members and many friends as they shared about her. There was so much love and admiration toward this beautiful gem who is now in heaven. When I first meet Mary, she was 82 years old and eager to get involved to help “at least one child.” Mary didn’t talk much about her personal life but she always came ready to be a part of the YFC Mentors Club. As I heard people talk about Mary, I was surprised to hear a few things about her… She was a widow at a young age, she was the mother of 4 children, and I also found out that my name was all over her apartment. Thankfully, Mary had been praying for me… a lot!

Wow, we may never know the impact we make on others, or, in this case, made on us. Mary was 88 when she met Jesus face to face. I thank Mary for holding me up to the Lord. I will always be grateful for her generous love for God, his people, YFC Mentor Club kids, and of course her sister in Christ… me. I’m grateful to know that someday I will see Mary again.

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