life is uncertain

Posted on by Martin Corder

Madeline is transitioning from the comforts of middle school into high school.

This 14-year-old girl struggles with change and is trying to find her own place in life. She comes from a tough background, being bounced back and forth from dad to mom. She's had to deal with a divorce, remarriage and then divorce again. She's learned life is uncertain. She began coming to Campus Life about 3 years ago and always struggled with trusting others. As soon as she started getting close, she would push them away for fear they would leave her. Earlier this year I began to see a change in her attitude... reconciling with several girls. She told me: “I had been thinking a lot about things and prayed about it. I felt God tell me that I needed to change. To forgive others.” Others have recognized Madeline is a new kid with a new amazing attitude.

I hope you realize the impact you've made in the life of a child.

Campus Life Area Director
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