‘Knee 2 Knee Eye 2 Eye’

Posted on by Martin Corder

"My mom told me that I am the reason she does drugs.” After hearing Chris, a 14 year old young man, tell me this, my heart sank and I felt anger and sadness welling up inside me.

He said it with almost no emotion. Like: 'this is just the way life is for me'. For the moment, I was glad to be doing an activity called 'Knee-2-Knee Eye-2-Eye'. One person talks while the other person stays silent and listens for 60 seconds. Because... what do you say to that? Nothing I could say would take away the pain; but being there... and listening... was the best thing.

I have known Chris for years, but I never knew he was carrying around this kind of pain. Chris was just one of 25 students that shared similar tragedies and pain in their lives last week during our first Point Break Workshop at Eagle Point High School. If you want to get involved in a kids life... give me a call at 541.779.3275 or email me at robert@roguevalleyyfc.org.

Robert Milton | Campus Life Area Director | 541.779.3275

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