kids doing drugs

Posted on by Martin Corder

More and more of our society is condoning... even participating in wrong behavior. Sadly, our youth are being seriously impacted by this. At Campus Life, we are constantly having to deal with it... especially with kids who are now doing drugs. Smoking pot! What really strikes me is most of the pressure today is on middle school girls. Recently, one in particular was caught for having pot and smoking it at school. Her home life is not safe and it's probably where she got the pot from! She's now suspended. To pull kids like this away from drugs is extremely difficult. The people she knows, loves and trusts are living as though drugs are normal, drugs are good and it's their given right to use them. Please pray with me for these kids who are dealing with the negative influences of drugs at home and with the difficult pressures of friends using them.

Dusty Ratcliff
Gold Hill & Rogue River Area Director

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