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Posted on by Martin Corder

“Camp was amazing!” First, we held several fundraisers to get the many kids to camp who really wanted to go.

I’m happy to share that we had a total of 10 kids from the Gold Hill Youth Center go to Middle School Camp… And this is the most ever! We had to overcome some big obstacles, but the process began their journey of opening up during worship and teaching at chapel. On the third day of camp, with no electronics or outside interference in our cabin, I saw the girl’s hearts begin to be moved. By Friday, 8 girls from my cabin rededicate or committed for the first time to follow Jesus. Wow! Isn’t it beautiful to know you’re helping the young people of Gold Hill by providing Camp as an opportunity to grow in faith, hope and love?

If you've ever felt like you should give to a child in our community… I encourage you to give so kids can go to camp, it’s one of the best times to see a life change for eternity.

Gold Hill Area Director
office: 541.779.3275


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