Jesus rescues us from hopelessness.

Posted on by Martin Corder

I always want to rescue kids from their pain and suffering, but I have to remember I’m not the rescuer. One young man came to me for help the other day. . .

He was overwhelmed with pain. His father is in prison and his mom and stepdad are getting a divorce. I can’t fix the brokenness of his life, but I can connect him to the one who can fix his broken heart. This young man gave his life to Jesus last year. He was so happy! In fact, he couldn’t stop smiling for the longest time. Unfortunately, like most of us, eventually, hope gave way to disappointment as his struggles overwhelmed him. I shared with him, “Even Jesus doesn’t promise to fix our life; He promises to fix our hearts, work things for good, and give us an eternal hope!” As we talked, his back straitened, his eyes brightened, and his smile returned.

Jesus rescues us from hopelessness. He mends our broken hearts. The hope of heaven carries us through the pains of this life. The privilege is ours, to connect the brokenhearted with the only one who can give eternal hope. Thank you for bringing the hope of Jesus to all the kids in our community.

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