I’ve been stealing

Posted on by Martin Corder

At our HS club, we had an amazing conversation about how God changes us.

I shared some of my bad behavior as a young man and shared how Jesus changed my heart and I stopped doing those things. We talked for over an hour, with many of the kids sharing past sins and how the Holy Spirit had changed their hearts. The next day my phone rang, it was Trevor, one of the HS students who's been coming to Campus Life for several years now. Trevor’s voice was hesitant as he said, “I have to tell you something.” “What is it?” I said. “I have been stealing from Campus Life!” Evidently, he'd been taking money from the snack bar till. Trevor proceeded to tell me he’d taken around $120 over the last year. He said after our talk at club he was convicted by the Holy Spirit and had to confess. His voice was shaky as he said, “Will you please forgive me?”… He was so scared I wouldn’t love him anymore. “Of course I forgive you!”

Trevor paid back every penny of the money and experience a profound lesson in the forgiveness only found in Jesus Christ. Trevor came to Campus Life years ago as an atheist from an atheist family. Now he loves Jesus with all his heart and his family is starting to open up as well. Thank you for reach kids like Trevor with the eternal love of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins.

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