It’s the “System”

Posted on by Martin Corder

Kids in trouble with the law enter the "system". It's a vital tool to protect you, me and the rest of our society can also be a drain on the spirit. Marian's 15yrs old and has been in the system for the last 2 years. Recently it all got to her in a bad way. A handful of pills seemed to offer relief but now she is heartbroken to lose an 18 month drug free streak. She'll go back to her treatment program but for a short moment we were able to talk.I reassured her that she is valuable and loved. She was reminded of the hope she has in Jesus and the friends God has brought into her life. Our visit was cut short by an emergency but she went back to her cell encouraged. Someone cared, and there’s hope for tomorrow’s challenges. Bringing light into cycles of setbacks and successes to see lives transformed...this is Juvenile Justice Ministry.

Matt Sweeney    Juvenile Justice Mentoring Director    541.779.3275
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