It’s no wonder our youth struggle.

Posted on by Martin Corder

We see around us dysfunctional homes, failing parents, and a stressed educational system. . . It’s no wonder our youth struggle.

The statistics are staggering… over 40% are born to single mothers. The divorce rate is over 60%. Suicide and overdose rates are close to epidemic. Young people seem lazy and lack common sense. But I’ve found, they often don’t take action because they just don’t know what to do or how to do it. The truth is, many young people feel hopeless, that their efforts won’t make any difference. What they deeply need is for someone to come into their world and show them the way out… but, how does this happen? They talk a different language and have a different view of life, morality, wealth, relationship, and faith. I believe we have to show them we care. We must connect with them and show them they matter to us and matter to God. Look beyond their bad behavior and rough appearance, so we can share the message of the peace with God through Jesus.

This is at the center of what we do, and the way into the hearts of young people. Thank you for joining us in showing God’s love with these young people who have lost all hope. Just the other day I while talking to Ben, one of our “Real Life” trainees, he commented, “I’m not sure what I’m going to get out of this program, but, I know you care.”

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