“How will I get home?”

Posted on by Martin Corder

Hi, my name is Todd Sorensen. I have recently joined the Rogue Valley Youth for Christ team as director of a new vocational training program called Real Life.

My vocational journey started with a mentor named Howard. He wasn’t the best communicator but he cared deeply for me. Howard made a big impact on me. I’ll never forget the time I badly damaged some siding. When Howard noticed the problem, he calmly explained what I did wrong and then disappeared. About 45 minutes later he came back with new siding. After showing me the correct way to install it, he jumped back in his truck. As he drove away I yelled, “How will I get home?” He hollered, “I’ll come get you when you’re done.” Sure enough, later that evening, with the job completed and the lesson learned, Howard returned to pick me up. I needed Howard to mentor me. Kids today also need mentors. With homelessness, drug addiction, and high dropout rates among young people at record levels, we cannot wait to get involved. I recently had a 20-year-old employee miss work for 3 days. When we finally spoke to him, he said his phone was broke and couldn’t call or find the job site. After losing his job he fell back into addiction and ended up in rehab.
This experience and others like it shows me the desperate need of young people in our community. You are making it possible for kids to not only learn skills and find work but also find hope. If you’d like to share your skills, give me a call at 541.779.3275 or visit our website roguevalleyyfc.org.

Real Life Director
office: 541.779.3275


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