“How do I actually know God?”

Posted on by Martin Corder

After a difficult day of painting, with a group of apathetic 16 to 22-year-old vocational trainees, I decided to send them home.

I stayed to finish the job. I'd been painting for about an hour when Ben a 22-year-old trainee returned. He informed me he didn’t think it was fair for me to have to finish the job, so he came back to help. For 2 hours Ben and I worked our way around that old house fixing all the mistakes the trainees had made earlier. As we worked, Ben revealed the real reason he'd come back, he had a question, “How could I be mad at the team but not give up on them or treat them badly?” These are the moments that make all the struggles worth it. God led our conversation over the next hour. I was able to tell Ben we all get pushed around by our emotions, and the only hope for us as humans is Jesus! We talked about how when we come into relationship with God thru Jesus, he places His Spirit in us to guide us. Ben said his parents were religious, and he went to church when he was a kid. Then it happened… Ben asked, “How to do I actually know God?”

Our conversation was wonderful, as we talked about God, the Bible, and family. I realized I learned something from Ben; sharing the Gospel isn’t a slick presentation or glossy track. It happens in the middle of a conflict-ridden day in the context of relationship. It happens when we least expect it and comes when we interact with the world. Thank you for making this possible.

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