Hope for a Miracle

Posted on by Martin Corder

No kidding, when I first met him he was one of the worst behaved kids I ever met! He had a complete lack of respect for all authority. Actually, I invited his friend to Club and he decided to come along. At the time, I wondered why he wanted to be there. A few weeks ago he came on our winter retreat. We all nervously hoped for a miracle… and we got it! He blew our minds on this trip by asking questions about the Bible and God. It was truly amazing! Since then, we have cared for him deeply and are encouraged by this change as he continues to ask questions. By the grace of God we have been given the chance to pour love into this student. By answering the call to join in, you are also making this happen… Love is offered to every kid at Campus Life.

Isaac Perez
Grants Pass Campus Life Area Director



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