God uses community

Posted on by Martin Corder

At Campus Life we talk so often in the context of kid’s lives being changed, and we share the stories of them moving closer in relationship to the God of love.

It is rare for me to talk about my own life change and how working with these kids impacts the way God moves in my own life. But as I grieve for one of my former students held captive by cancer, as I spend today playing basketball with teenage boys I’ve known for years, as I watch multiple adult friends and leaders volunteer day after day and week after week caring for and loving our kids and each other, I am reminded that God changes our lives through community. We feel deeper pains because we live life in community, we have more fun and experience epic joys because we live life in community and God weaves together our hearts in love because he gives each of us a place to belong.

So today I realize my life has changed because I have been given the opportunity to love in this place, to find friendship in this place and to be in the beloved community in this place. We all need a place to belong. You provide this place for the kids of North Medford where lives are changed... even mine. Thank you!!

North Medford Area Director
office: 541.779.3275


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