fun-meter bursts

Posted on by Martin Corder

Amazing things take place when you gather eighty kids together for Summer Camp.

The fun-meter bursts, the food is what you always like (especially this year, thank you Rosie!) and our time seems to multiply allowing for deeper bonds to be created. One of the major points for our campers was to recognize the walls they have keeping them from an intimate relationship with Christ. Joey, who attended our Jr. High camp, is one of those young natural leaders, athletic, popular, and an epic hip-hop dancer who came to the realization he’d been ‘too cool for God’. At Camp he came to the end of himself, confessing his need for forgiveness and desiring God’s presence in and through his life. I was amazed to find out I actually knew the young man’s grandfather who was blessed by the news. The blessing continued as Joey’s family saw an immediate change in his day to day behavior, an interest in God’s Word, and a joy of life that's been missing for a long time. Praise God!

The coolest thing about this story… it's just one of many stories, one of the many lives that we get to see transformed by the love of Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support! You make all of this possible!!

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