from inside the walls of detention

Posted on by Martin Corder

Here’s a prayer from a 16-year-old girl in detention: "Pray for my release tomorrow and everything goes well and I can get my mom to a drug program with me..."

"...And that my Father shows up to court tomorrow and that he's not dead and still loves me and hopefully my family can start getting back on track hopefully. Thank you."

This young woman and her family live in tents in the woods. They raise marijuana and use meth. Can you imagine praying a prayer like that? Hoping to get out of jail, getting yourself and mom off drugs. Wondering if your dad is dead… if he is alive, does he still love you. This is real life for this young girl.
You offer this girl love in the form of compassionate adults who come alongside, share the weight of her pain, and show her the way to find healing. Thank you for providing her the only real chance.

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