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Posted on by Martin Corder

As we ate our lunch, I asked, “So, Jared, where in the Bible have you been reading?” “I’ve been reading about Joseph!”

He had been reading because he wanted to know more about the story we’ve been discussing at Campus Life Club. A couple days later, I invited Jared to church.  After church, we went to eat, chatted, and then flew my drone. We ended up with an amazing picture from the air of Jared, myself, and my son all looking up as the drone flew above us. It was a fun afternoon.

This is what mentoring is… It’s caring adults sharing their time and a bit of their lives with a kid. I love eating and I love flying drones, so it’s easy to share these things with a kid. Sometimes I hear adults say they’re scared of not being qualified to be a mentor or they won’t know how to deal with a young person. I just say, “If you know Jesus and know how to listen, you should look into mentoring.”

I have a lot of kids in Grants Pass who are waiting for a mentor. Would you be willing to share your life with a young person who needs a caring adult? Mentoring is important but it’s not impossible. Thank you for caring about kids!

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