explosive state of anger - changed for life

Posted on by Martin Corder

Mike was just 9-Years-Old when he came to us looking for a mentor...

Mike was sad and angry for many reasons, but behind the hurt was a caring, smart, and friendly young man. When we finally found Mike a mentor, his anger was at an explosive state… landing him in Juvenile Detention a few times. Eric, the mentor, stayed by Mike’s side for 6 years until he graduated and moved away. Here’s a section from a letter we received from Mike’s mother:
     "Clem, you guys made such a difference in our life and I want to say thank you. I will continue to pray for Rogue Valley Youth for Christ. Without people like you, we could have never thrived, Mike has an online Church and doing well.  You guys are still reaching many others through his ministry. We love you and will not forget what you have placed before us.”
Mike’s story is one of many, but the hard truth is, we don’t have enough mentors to meet the need. Kids are asking for help and we must tell them to wait. Please come be part of something that changes a young person’s life. Visit us at RogueValleyYFC.org or give us a call at 541-779-3275 to find out more.

YFC Mentors Director
office: 541.779.3275


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