drug deal goes down in park

Posted on by Martin Corder

What an awesome week at the City Life Community Center and around town.

With Pastor Jeff, the wonderful gang from First Baptist Church and Mission Medford, we held two Kids Carnivals along with a Vacation Bible School leading up to a Friday Family Fun Night. 62 kids came from the surrounding neighborhoods for a lot of fun and connecting… But the most striking memory of the week happened at Union Park. Many people came by and where so happy to eat and enjoy the fun and safe activities. At about 1:30p I noticed a small crowd of older teens across the street from the park. Some walked anxiously back and forth and others were riding skateboards and bikes. As our team drove away, the parking lot quickly refilled with cars. Pulling out, a car driven by a woman took my spot. In the next moment I heard a teen ask, “What do you have?”... They were making a drug deal, right there at her car window in the park.

Friends, the battlefield is our youth... and the battle is raging. Yes, I believe light will always push back darkness and we are bringing the light, the light of God’s love. You bring hope to the hurting youth at City Life with your prayers, time, and finances. Please give us a call to see how we can partner to bring hope to more kids at 541.779.3275 or visit us at www.roguevalleyyfc.org.

City Life Director
office: 541.779.3275


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