Different because…

Posted on by Martin Corder

“Are you dipping a toe into the pool of Faith or are you all in, and giving Jesus everything?”

At the Juvenile Detention Center, this is a question I often ask kids who are beginning the journey towards authentic faith in Jesus. Last week, Josh told me, “Things are different this time because... I’m all in.” Josh has been in and out of the Detention Center countless times over the years and shipped off to program after program across the State. Today, he’s a completely different kid… (most of the time), and the staff at the center are astonished. One day he was even punched by another kid and he took it completely in stride. Later he told me the verse ‘if someone hits you on the cheek offer them the other’ came to mind when he saw it coming.
Josh needs your prayers and support. Contact us if you’d like to get to know a kid or two and thank you for reaching kids in tough places.

Juvenile Justice Ministry Director
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