caught off guard on Easter

Posted on by Martin Corder

Easter Sunday… We were honored to have some City Life kids join us for church and a BBQ afterward at our house.

Some of these kids had never been in a church. We had our Easter egg hunt, ate lots of sweets, and played Bocce Ball. Then one of the young ladies came over to me and asked if I considered her ‘one of my own.' I told her I did, we smiled and she wandered off. “That's interesting!” I thought. Then just before it was time for everyone to leave, this young lady came back up to me and asked, "Can I call you Dad?” It caught me off guard and I took a second to respond, “Calling me dad is probably not the best idea… but I would accept Uncle Larry.” She smiled and agreed, “Uncle it is!” The other kids laughed and I was ‘Uncle Larry’ for the rest of the afternoon.

I believe this young lady was serious. We see so many kids searching to be a part of a family and a place they’re sure they belong.  I can’t thank you enough for creating a safe environment for these young people. Come join me in reaching them with the love of Jesus who we celebrated on Easter and is the reason for the season.

City Life Director
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