BIG Heart

Posted on by Martin Corder

Brian is a kid that loves football and hanging out with his friends. He’s big and tough looking…

The other kids think Brian is mean, but, he’s only tough if he has to be. He’s really a sweet kid with a big heart. I met Brian in the detention center after he got into some trouble. He told me about his birth parents, how they abused and neglected him and ended up in prison. Brian is gentle and kind. He was sent to a treatment program but after a couple weeks, he decided to end it all by taking his own life. Late at night he strung himself up to his door and hung himself. Staff members had to cut him down. The doctor said after just one more minute, it would have been too late. I was glad when Brian asked me to be his mentor. He’s now joined the other four kids I mentor  who are in similar situations.

There are too many like Brian… kids that just want to be kids but their pain is more than they can handle. Come join Rogue Valley YFC to change lives.

Juvenile Justice Ministry Director

office: 541.779.3275


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