Asking God to Intervene

Posted on by Martin Corder

“Sorry to bother you. Please call me, its an emergency.” This is the text I received from Rachel as I was boarding an airplane. . .

I quickly called her, only to learn the emergency couldn't be discussed in the moments before take off. Rachel was pregnant. . . again, and she was scheduled to terminate it in two days. . . My stomach sank. . . I sent a text to our leadership team and an email was sent to our prayer team. Within the hour ten people were praying for Rachel, her two kids, and the baby growing inside her. Time was short so we wasted no time in asking God to intervene. He showed up in a big way. The next day Rachel let me know the clinic had called and cancelled her appointment. Not only was it cancelled, but it couldn’t be rescheduled for two weeks. In those weeks, Rachel struggled hard through the implications of having another baby, juggling work, finances, childcare, and if she’s capable of handling it all. In the end, the night before her abortion, she called and said, “I can’t go tomorrow. It just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

This was an extremely difficult decision for Rachel. We are so proud of her although we know there are many more challenging days ahead. But, we are confident God will continue to show up for her, often through the staff of Parent Life. You are part of that support these young families and our volunteers desperately need. Thank you for being there for Rachel, for the Parent Life team and someday soon we hope to introduce the newest addition to our Parent Life family.  We are so grateful!

For more information about how you can be involved in the work God is doing through Parent Life, please email

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