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My Story - Julian

5/25/2018 in Category

I found out I was going to be a dad for the first time when I was eighteen. My name is Julian and this is my story. . .

I felt scared and not at all ready. I’d been involved in gang... More

down, not out

5/18/2018 in Category

Sitting at the youth center talking to the teens and in walks James.

I ran into him about a year ago and he said, “I’m really struggling.” Drugs and alcohol, he said, are his thing and he... More

training wheels come off

5/11/2018 in Category

Do you remember when your faith went to work and came alive? Trey does.

At Juvenile Detention, Trey was telling me how he prays for God to take away his worry. (His situation is uncertain…... More

kids grasp love

5/3/2018 in Category

I’ve started to notice something with the kids at the North Medford Youth Center…

These kids have a growing concern for each other. When someone’s running late, a student will call to make... More