Archives: September 2017

And all God’s people say…

9/28/2017 in Category

Point Break... What is it... What does it do? These are great questions I get to answer from time to time...

Point Break is a day-long workshop helping build empathy, understanding &... More

Finding Hope & Stability

9/21/2017 in Category

Last Spring, Angie walked in to the Gold Hill Youth Center for the very first time. She's bright and beautiful with a contagious smile.

Within a few short weeks I got to hear a small part... More

Jasmin’s Celebration

9/14/2017 in Category

Being part of the leadership at Parent Life has brought many joyful moments but maybe none that have compared to participating in Jasmin’s baptism.

In addition to our regular group... More

loving the lonely

9/7/2017 in Category

Steven is a quiet 15-year-old who feels forgotten. During the summer I met Steven at camp because I noticed him sitting all alone after he arrived.

Steven’s parents passed away when he was... More

17-years and lost lost all hope

9/1/2017 in Category

“Change usually comes hard and at a high price.” I wrote these words and within an hour found myself quoting them to a girl who is working her way thru drug & alcohol treatment.

At just... More