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Raven’s Story: Freedom!

7/28/2017 in Category

In the Bible it says, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” [Romans 10:17]

Meaning that it's through God’s people sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ that... More

Kids & Camps

7/20/2017 in Category

“Camp was amazing!” First, we held several fundraisers to get the many kids to camp who really wanted to go.

I’m happy to share that we had a total of 10 kids from the Gold Hill Youth... More

thank you for everything

7/13/2017 in Category

“Thank you,” she said as we walked back to camp on her birthday, the 4th of July. 

It was a heartfelt, sincere ‘thank you', unlike any other I'd received in two years of working with this... More

chicken dinner is served

7/6/2017 in Category

Last spring we created CBT Chicken, a collaborative effort between Youth for Christ & the County Juvenile Department to...

...teach the fundamentals of business while strengthening... More