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Between Tacos and Sneezing

5/25/2017 in Category

I asked a kid, “Want to go grab some tacos?” He responded, “Yes... I’m starving!”

It doesn’t sound like a big deal to take a kid out for tacos, right? At dinner, he ate tacos, sneezed, ate... More

shining bright with love

5/18/2017 in Category

I first heard about Missy when Stu Biegler, our Campus Life Director, asked me if I could use an intern?

I jumped at the chance to have more help. She was 17 with red hair, big smile,... More

lifetime friend

5/4/2017 in Category

When Daniel first came to Campus Life he felt alone. He had no friends at school. His mother had chosen alcohol and boyfriends over him. He was in desperate need of love.

That’s exactly... More