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caught off guard on Easter

4/26/2017 in Category

Easter Sunday… We were honored to have some City Life kids join us for church and a BBQ afterward at our house.

Some of these kids had never been in a church. We had our Easter egg hunt,... More

in all the wrong places

4/20/2017 in Category

"There are some things you just can’t un-see!” That was the topic of a joke going around the table as I took four kids out for ice cream.

Despite all the laughter one of the girls suddenly... More


4/13/2017 in Category

“Sara was hoping you could talk with her.” This is not an uncommon request from our detention staff.

I last saw Sara a few months ago when I introduced her to her mentor. Just released on... More

an invite to club

4/6/2017 in Category

Hearing the sound of a basketball outside I thought one of my youth center students had come early. I put my work down to go outside and greet whoever it was.

Outside I realized it was... More