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want to dance and celebrate?

2/23/2017 in Category

I asked this question at the last YFC Mentors dinner: “Think about your life before you were matched with a mentor… where would you be now?”

The response of one young man was: “If I wasn’t... More

what bad behavior looks like…

2/16/2017 in Category

The first time Wes visited us, we were told he has high-risk behaviors and he’d need a ride home.

Wes is 14-years-old, without a father in the picture, and is usually home alone. He’s had... More

My Grandfather’s Death

2/9/2017 in Category

The fear of death is pretty universal. This fear usually drives people to lash out at God when tragedy comes.

Two brothers at the Eagle Point Youth Center recently lost their beloved... More

it’s not the ham that opens doors

2/3/2017 in Category

The most amazing thing happened when a local church donated a number of Christmas dinners to City Life!

As I started to head out, two ladies from Providence Hospital showed up with... More