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In way over… but no regrets!

10/27/2016 in Category

Sue called this morning, I could tell her head was stuffy but that wasn’t why she called.

Sue has been mentoring Jill for about 3 years now and along the way there have been lots of... More

Dropout rates remain high friends

10/20/2016 in Category

The recent high school dropout rates aren’t looking good. I’m often asking students at the Gold Hill Youth Center, “How's school? How are your grades? Can I help you with anything?”

One... More

Going to Parenting Class…

10/13/2016 in Category

Parent Life is really excited to share about some new connections we’ve made this fall with North Medford High School.

We’ve been able to go into the Parenting Class and introduce the... More

the pride of “new”

10/6/2016 in Category

Recently the Phoenix Youth Center was flooded keeping us from meeting....

For seven weeks we were closed but we continued to do activities. This unfortunate situation brought major change.... More