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required patience for who?

9/30/2016 in Category

Ministry in juvenile detention is like gardening. It feels like we till the soil, plant, fertilize, pull weeds, and water the ground... all for the heart of a kid.

We never know the seeds... More

undeniable identifiable love

9/22/2016 in Category

One of our students that attended High School Camp with us last month identifies as non binary/ transgendered.

Before Camp they would say they believed in God but felt like there was no... More

our work isn’t done

9/15/2016 in Category

Before I wrote this note I was reading a list of prayer requests from kids.

One young man says, "I need help. I have no idea how to make the decisions that are best...  I need His wisdom.”... More

the world owed him

9/8/2016 in Category

When Brad first started coming to Walking Tall, he would sit off to the side with a blank expression, not willing to engage with others.

He came with an arrogant unforgiving attitude... More

Who cares?

9/1/2016 in Category

I first met Cecilia at 12-years-old. Her family was filled with addiction, dysfunction and abandonment.

She’s 18-years-old now and has a mentor who’s walked this tough life with her. She’s... More