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Sara’s Update to Facebook

8/25/2016 in Category

So often God meets us in the hard times when life seems hopeless and meaningless.

This is true for Sara. Sara is a young woman I have had the privilege to get to know over the last year.... More

drug deal goes down in park

8/18/2016 in Category

What an awesome week at the City Life Community Center and around town.

With Pastor Jeff, the wonderful gang from First Baptist Church and Mission Medford, we held two Kids Carnivals along... More

bleary morning texting

8/9/2016 in Category

4:43AM…  No good news ever comes that early. 

The text was from one of my Campus Life guys. After a few bleary texts back and forth, I learned he had just run away, already made it to... More

a ‘God moment’ like this one

8/4/2016 in Category

“Is that Angela?” Looking across the parking lot at the young lady holding a baby and talking on the phone I wasn’t sure.

I’m so bad with names and faces and it’s been so many years that I... More