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guardrail rules

7/28/2016 in Category

A student shared a story the other day how he and a friend were headed up to Mt. Ashland when they lost control of the vehicle.

The two boys bounced off a guardrail smashing into the... More

Healthy, loving, and [most importantly] a God-centered community.

7/21/2016 in Category

Last week we met all our teen moms and their kids at a spray park to play in the water and have a little dinner.

While the kids were playing, Emmy told us about her new boyfriend and how... More

Tommy gets a chance to share his story.

7/14/2016 in Category

I was standing in the cabin greeting campers as Tommy walked in. He’s a shy guy focused more on the floor than me.

Tommy told me he wasn’t too sure about the whole “camp” thing. I... More

but this wasn’t church

7/7/2016 in Category

The sun shone warm on the lush grass surrounded by stucco walls.

A sweet breeze stirred the patio umbrellas providing shade to the small group gathered in the courtyard. In front of... More