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You make the planting possible!

5/26/2016 in Category

I’ve been texting a young man from my small group at a recent Point Break event.

We had great conversations but since then he’s been very hesitant to meet. So I kept checking in with... More

what impact do your “nudges” have?

5/16/2016 in Category

Wednesday night was the Silver Ring Thing in Grants Pass. It was tough describing the event to Campus Life kids.

What do you say? “It’s about sex and staying pure.” Not the best... More

It begins with a load of silliness…

5/13/2016 in Category

It begins with a lot of silliness but moves gently toward deep revelation. Personal truths shared in a community setting made safe for all.

Personal revelation is an important element... More

How to love complete strangers

5/6/2016 in Category

At the Gold Hill Youth Center we’ve challenged our high school students to come up with a few ideas on how they would like to serve others in our community.

This year they’ve chosen to... More