Archives: March 2016

15-Years and Closer to God

3/31/2016 in Category

There’s a young man we know who’s facing a 15-year prison sentence.

He comes from a family with a serious criminal history. The other day he asked the Juvenile Justice Ministry staff... More

6 foot and Fourteen

3/24/2016 in Category

Grady was on our waiting list for quite a while. Finally, we were able to match him with a mentor but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

He is a big kid… standing over 6 feet tall and... More

“Without Walking Tall… I would probably be in juvenile detention.”

3/16/2016 in Category

A year ago, a very frustrated teen from a local boys home named Joe started coming to Walking Tall.

He was surly and defensive. It wasn’t long until we realized he struggled to read.... More

New life!

3/10/2016 in Category

Seven years ago a young boy named Sam found a place to belong.

Through our relationship, Sam gave his life to Jesus and new life was created. Around the same time, an amazingly... More

“Jesus is God, Right?”

3/3/2016 in Category

“Jesus is God, right?” a young boy yelled out during Family Night at City Life.

“...And perfect, right? …And doesn’t know what being a human is, right?” He sounded angry. I responded... More