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NEW Campus Life Club in 2016

2/24/2016 in Category

We’ve recently started a great new ministry in Grants Pass, Oregon and it's beginning to reach hurting, un-churched teens with the Gospel.

One girl who’s been coming to Campus Life has... More

Prepare yourself to hear the silent cry of abandonment.

2/18/2016 in Category

The Point Break Workshop at Central High was done for the day.

I paused from the clean-up to watch the students push their way through the exits. It had been a long day on my feet but... More

He takes great care of the children.

2/11/2016 in Category

Talking with Sarah recently, who’s been feeling very down and discouraged about life.

Her parents recently decided to divorce. She's gone from having her own bedroom in a large home... More

Nothing major. Thanks to the Man above…

2/4/2016 in Category

Last Tuesday night I got a call from Ellie.

She had been ill for quite a while and decided to visit her doctor. The receptionist told her they would let her know the results in a... More