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How she deals with her own depression.

1/28/2016 in Category

She first came to club because a classmate invited her.

Melinda's home life is in disarray with her parents hardly in the picture. She lives with her grandmother and battles depression... More

On the streets as a young teen.

1/21/2016 in Category

Sometimes the life stories I hear from kids cause me to call the probation officer just to see if it’s true.

Jill has one of these stories. Born in Eastern Europe a decade after the... More

finding community through lunch

1/14/2016 in Category

This week I sat and watched as 5 freshman guys took a knee around a table (apparently it’s easier than having to grab a chair and put it away).

These teens have been coming to Campus... More

Just as I have loved you

1/7/2016 in Category

Can you imagine trying to get clean from drugs and your parents mock you and keep pressuring you to use?

How about being hungry because your parents are drunk at the bar and there’s... More