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Jasmine didn’t care about God until…

12/31/2015 in Category

Jasmine came up to me at Campus Life and asked me, "Are we saved by being good?"

"No," I said, "We’re not saved because we do what is right, we do what’s right because we’re saved!"... More

valuing young women

12/30/2015 in Category

Three of our teen moms have been faithfully part of our group for a number of years… now they no longer fit the category of a ‘TeenMom’.

These remarkable young women possess a unique... More

You’re not good enough… You’ll never be good enough!

12/17/2015 in Category

A couple of years ago Jessie participated in a Point Break workshop at Central High School in Medford. (These workshops bring out pain in our own lives to build empathy for others.)


Which super power would you pick?

12/10/2015 in Category

Taylor and her mom are regulars at City Life. They usually sit together and eat popcorn during movie night.

Last Friday I got a call and it was Taylor. Wow, she has never said a word,... More

teaching life skills is a blessing

12/3/2015 in Category

John, an alumnus of Walking Tall, returned briefly from college for the summer.

He volunteered his knowledge and experiences with our young men. During the time, John designed a sports... More