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Life changing support, love and acceptance for the youth.

11/26/2015 in Category

A picture on Facebook showed her packing bags for the homeless.

“Wow!” I thought back to when I first met Shirley. She was in the 7th grade with a sweet smile of innocence about her.... More

reversing the self-destructive descent…

11/19/2015 in Category

He’s not very tall but he is lean and strong with dark skin inked with tattoos declaring allegiance to a fierce gang.

First glance doesn’t tell the whole story about Mike. His story is... More

“Your Campus Life Legacy”

11/13/2015 in Category

As the school year has sped along, I’ve been spending Friday nights once again with a group of middle-schoolers.

Wild 6th graders who run circles around the building chasing each other... More

Her face lit up and my heart melted!

11/5/2015 in Category

Most of my time is spent in the Rogue Valley YFC office, however, I’ve recently stepped out of my comfort zone to help Larry Licato, our new City Life Director with Friday Family Fun... More